Welcome to the Collapsing

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-The Name of the Gate Keeper-

The name "Kingato" came about when Demo was in 9th grade and drawing on his jeans. He wrote the name "Kingato" as he was thinking of a women who would crush people with her super strength for speaking her name incorrectly. The name is said "Kin-Gato" and not "King-ato."  Thus the concept for Kingato: The Gate Keeper was born.


-"Trust Me... I'm a Doctor"-

The album, "Blackout" was originally going to be the first project that Demo Demon had done. The original title being "Darkness" with songs such as "Give Into Me," "Darkness," "Forget You" and "Blackout". The song, "Blackout" was the second ever song made by Demo Demon and soon became the name of a city in the Collapsing. The album went through more than 5 concepts and various covers over the years before it was actually made.

-I Want Them To See What I See-

The name "UnderDark" that is used in the Collapsing was originally created for an online radio station that Demo Demon would use to play all of his favorite music for people in 2010. On September 20, 2011, the name was again used for a self-made independent label entitled "UnderDark Music." After this, "UnderDark" was then implemented into the Collapsing storyline.