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Collapsing Story

Demo Demon

Once, he was just the man who had walked The Valley, but now Demo Demon has become the leader of the underground town, known as "UnderDark." He is one of the few who leave the town to fight, and find resources, from inside the city of Blackout. Demo knows a few Suits outside of UD, (UnderDark), such as Dr. Fey, and Kingato, the gatekeeper.

  1.          Iraes Milobos

Iraes is the silent type. Not only in words, but as well as when comitting the actions she performs. She is the eyes of UnderDark, and is best known for her ability to escape enemies. Most information around Blackout is gathered by Iraes, and is used to aid in the fight against the king, Leon.   

(Moriko Delmont)

Kingato is the keeper of "The Gates." She came to The Collapsing so that she could be with the man she fell in love with. She has been present for years, guarding The Gates, because by the law of the Order, her type of DNA forbids her to journey passed the walls, due to fact that she will cause imbalance. Kingato is part angel, and part demon, therefore she cannot fit into the city of Darkness, nor the city of Light. 

Leon Scott Cogliano

King of the Blackout, Leon Cogliano isolates himself in his castle from the city, and is only known to come out when bringing news from the angels above. His past of losing the family he loved is what has made him the evil, bitter King of Blackout. 

Death Dealer
(James Delmont)

James Delmont, as known as The Death Dealer, is the owner of "The House of Spades" casino in Blackout, which happens to be the biggest building on Market Road to date. The Dealer is the informant of King Leon on what, and who, is new in the city. By order of the King, the Dealer has full power over life and death once you step inside of his building.

The Collapsing Area List
   The Collapsing Suit List (Story Suits Only)
  1. The Valley
  2. The Gates
  3. Blackout
  4. UnderDark
  5. Snowbound
  6. Sindust
  7. Desalin
  8. Polithios
  9. Brimain
  10. Evergrim
  11. Oracry
  12. Parasitic
  13. Vashes
  14. The Black Sea
  1. Demo Demon
  2. Iraes Milobos
  3. Red (Karlessa Rettle) - Angel of Death
  4. Dark (?) - Angel of Love
  5. Blue (Khrystallyn Lyeif) - Angel of Life
  6. Kingato (Moriko) Delmont
  7. Cody Howard
  8. Leon Cogliano
  9. Cronik (Alexander) Kingston
  10. Death Dealer (James Delmont)
  11. Dr. Fey (Richard Skylin Fey)
  12. Panic "Ashtin" Stone

Collapsing - Part 1 
-The Valley-

I was alone in what could have been the darkest of forests ever seen. Was this it? Was I dead? I took a look up at the blackened sky as I placed my hand over my heart to feel if it was still beating. Considering that I was alone, I had to ask myself; what makes a man alive? Could it be his heart? Or could it possibly be the soul of a person that keeps him going. Many things classify a person as alive even if they are not. I believe the mind is what defines a person as living, because if you can see, and recognize that something is false, you can still live in that moment. The area I found myself in seemed to be a peaceful place to rest. The question is; what is this place? Last that I remembered, I had went to my room and got in bed. I stood up and looked around me, but saw nothing except dead trees and one singular dirt road, to which I was laying upon its beginning. Behind me there was a tainted darkness that not even the stars would dare inhabit. I wouldn't even attempt to think of what could lay beyond those shadows. What was I to do other than begin walking down the path I awoke next to? I started down the road of what was more than my eyes have met and have yet to meet. I sensed that I was being watched, but knowing that I was far from any person, I ignored the feeling. There was no sound... Just the noise my dragging feet created on the dirt path, and my rough breathing, that disrupted the silence. To keep myself from thinking about the blackened mist that surrounded me, my mind began to dwell on the memories of my past. My thoughts were focused on the best experiences of my life as I slowly shuffled through. I was content on being who I was, regardless of if I was cruel to others, but in life, nothing is definite. Things always change. Events that occured in a good nature always found a way to end. Such endings lead to new starts. I allowed my mind to browse its deepest, inner thoughts and set that notion on repeat.
I remember my first love, who had me twisted around her fingers like a puppet. Being with her made me feel like an immortal as I embraced the innocence of my youth. I was absolutely blind to what I had gotten myself into. I had her, and that's all I needed to have this feeling last. I should have seen it coming, but I was so blinded by the spell of lust that reality was kept from me. I had an uneasy feeling about some of the actions I had committed, but I always tried to become someone who would live off little needs. As if there was this sick survival side of me that always wanted to come out. That is the side that kept pushing me counter clock-wise of the tide we call life. That feeling continues to remain here as I speak of it. It desires to push the actual identity so far off into the shadows that people realize they've never known the person you truly are. This monster had me stay with her, and she was the true cause to my reality's weakness. I should have left after she shaved her head when I made her upset, but I had a rule that I would stay because I would not be the one to make a broken family. After time, our family became three; we had a child. We then moved to our own place and attempted to settle down. This is where our family had come to an end. I had given her a child, a home and my soul, and now there's nothing left today but a shell that still has the desire to restore that broken soul of his to what it once was. Young, and already has his dream been taken and left with that torn family. With a shattered heart, and aching soul, he searches for the woman in the dress.

That's not what broke me the final time, though. I had been damaged, but I had not died. By this time in my life, I had grown weak and was not as strong-willed as I had been in my past. Hell, I was so utterly depressed that I had been sent to talk to another about it. What was I to do after everything I knew had left me? My home, my child, my heart, and all that had made me happy. It took me months to even smile a full day, and I couldn't stop thinking of how I wanted to end it all, every single night. A level seven, deep depression, the doctor told me. I had medication to keep me happy, but it didn't work at all. It took me 3 months to realize that I had not made a single sentence in my own mind. I had stopped thinking because the medication took over my mind and I had become a zombie. That realization was frightening and I had immediately quit as soon as I snapped back into reality. That could possibly be why my depression never lightened and I did not heal. It makes you think that this world is finding its hellish end and we may not be able to fix it after so long. Is it honestly that bad to allow people to end themselves, any how? To me, I see it as filtering the strong from the weak. Maybe my mind just ends up thinking too much, because in this world, I could go on forever and tell of how these fools act. 

After months of being alone, I felt like someone had finally come to help me. A sweet-talking, little angel with black "emo" hair who had made me feel less alone. As with all first love, they are always present in your mind, in one way or another. She said she loved me and in my head, her words were true. A few months passed after we were together, and then she was gone as well. In the state that my mind and soul were in, I had collapsed. She said that I was, "trying too hard with her." That I was talking too much about how my life was. THAT I HAD NOT GOTTEN OVER HER. Who was she to talk about how she knew who I was and what I've been through. I had been picked up by what seemed to be an angel then played with like a doll of emotions. You make me sick. You are the reason that I am alone and walking this road. This dark, dead, and dusty road that YOU have sent me to walk by myself. I ask myself why. Why did they do this to me? Have they got nothing better to do then to toy with the one who was nice and only loyal to them. I just want to die. I have been nothing but good to all of you and now this is where I am; sick, lonely, and ready to take my own life. Why don't I just hand you the gun and you all may pull the trigger for me? You may just take me away from the game of life. I want to die. I've been walking this path for endless miles and all I can think about are the bad memories that keep me depressed. I just continue walking this road of what could, very well, be my death. What else do I even have? After she left in the midst of fixing me, I just collapsed... The ground under my feet shattered like glass, and I fell into the darkness. 
So now I summarize the absolute madness they've left behind. I lost everything I had ever built only to then be picked up by someone who had wished for nothing more than to finish me while I was down. I closed my eyes to see that my world of love had become dead and blackened as if it had collapsed. I named it after the change it had undergone. The world I walk now has become "The Collapsing" and I am its creator. This place only has purpose to pain me and it is the reason I'm being tortured with the memories I'm dealing with now. This is my punishment for being a fool. Every time I close my eyes, I am meant to suffer this dreadful walk down this horrid road. This valley of depression and sorrow is what I've made, not them. I am the weak one who needs to die and suffer for being a fool. 

At this point, my feet are bleeding from the long walk, and I am on my knees just to keep on the path. I have to keep going until I die. Do I truly want to die? I could do so much more with my life, but I'm already lost and I feel that I would never make it back when I've gone so far. Both my body and mind feel sick and I know I can not escape myself. My own thoughts and the memories entangled in them are the enemies that I shall never hurt or kill. I can only forget them while attempting to find something better. I know my body can't go on much longer so, for now, it falls down onto the dirt. 

I had saw something as my head rested upon the ground; one single black rose. The one thing that was actually alive in this valley was that black rose. I managed to get up from the ground and lean against the rough bark of a tree. My eyes admired the glistening beauty of the flower as I stared in amazement at the shine that was like nothing I'd ever seen before. My lips curved into a smile while at the same moment, tears flowed down my cheeks slowly. In the valley of the deathly road, one small, black rose survived. This was my black rose, and it was at that moment, I had knew it would die as once I moved on from my past.
How do you let go of that one thing that had meant so much? You keep moving until it's finally gone. So after taking in the pure beauty of what I had made, I began making my way along the road once more. I forced myself to go mile after mile before my body finally began to shut down. I started to vomit, and my chest felt like it was crushing itself. My gut was burning as if there was a blistering fire inside. I knew my time was coming to an end, so I accepted that this was it for me. I was to soon die, sad and alone, after walking a road that's only meaning was to taunt me into my own painful memories. My vision started to blur, and I had soon passed out. 

When I awoke, I had to wonder why I was not dead yet. I could possibly smash my head into a tree? No, that would take too much of the energy I didn't have. So I laid there to starve to death and drown in my pain. Memories swirled around my head and a peculiar feeling hit me slowly. This place was familiar. I've been here before, I know I have. When I was younger, I came here in my dreams to visit a woman in a black dress, who would hold and bite me until I bled. When I awoke from these dreams, I would feel as if I was in love, but not with somebody. I would be dazed in happiness and love the day because of the dream I'd had. She would bite me as I fell to the darkness she wrapped me in, all while she looked into my eyes. This is that same valley where we would meet. What snapped my mind away from this only good memory was the light that blazed off in the distance. I started moving toward this light with the little energy I gained from sleeping, and slowly trudged through the trees. What I had saw was the shining fire of a torch light down the road I was walking along. What could this that I'm seeing be? Was it real? Would it take my pain away?
I continued following the light I saw as I tried to force myself to awake. I realize I'm dying, but I'd like to find out what this is before my life slips away. The fire of the light was planted upon a wall. The thickness of the trees was fading thin, as if the dead road was coming to an end. The wall began growing the more I approached it and I kept questioning what it could be. It was more than anything I could think of because all I had seen in this land was my memories and that shining black rose I had came across a few miles back. I had been walking for hours upon hours, only to die in front of this wall. To die before seeing what may lay beyond it. This is the end. I had come to the end of the road and stopped moving only to hear footsteps come closer to me. My body began being dragged away.

Collapsing - Part 2
-The Gates - Part 1-

Here I was, cold and alone. The state I was in was one of confusion and dizziness. The question of where I was had been ringing throughout my mind the entirety of the day. My eyes remained closed and my mind was still flourishing with depressing memories. Last I remembered, I was in the forest and was headed towards a light. After that, the most recent recollection was of being dragged away. My mind began to race in fear of what had taken me. What would I do if it was a killer? If it was some sick "fucker" who wanted to chop me up and feed me to his dogs, all the while using my finger bones as tooth picks. My mind now started panicking, but my body was too weak for any sort of response that required movement. Along with the rest of the day’s happenings, this left my thoughts swarmed with questions. What time was it? How long had I been out here? My body felt as if it had died, as if my soul was abandoned inside of the vessel. My eyes forbid to open and my knees had still been in pain from crawling on the dirt road for so long. 

Well, I suppose I was alive, seeing that I was feeling pain. I gave up attempting to figure out where I was once I accepted I would not find an answer until I came across somebody. The most important goal at the moment was to get up and move. I wanted the pain to fade so I did my best to set my mind on calming down and relaxing. Without energy or not, I was not going to die awake and in a hellish state of mind. This night has to be the absolute worst night I've experienced yet. I say yet because if I do live, I’m positive I will have another one just as horrid, if not worse. I dozed off slightly after I became lost in my thoughts, worries and questions.

As if in the blink of an eye, my sleep was over. The bones in my body were killing me, but despite that, I had enough energy to sit up from where I laid upon the ground. I was light-headed as well and my body fell backwards. I felt my back hit a wall of, what seemed to be, stone and my mind snapped immediately to the past. It was the wall. I remembered the large fortress-like wall, with the light attached, from before I had passed out, and now, here I was! Hope blossomed in my thoughts when I realized there could be a person near here, or beyond the wall, that could help me. Due to excitement, my eyes peaked open and, before me, the torch I had seen sat on the wall. So I was correct; this was what I had came acrossed earlier. The question now was, "what had taken me after I collapsed down into the dirt?" 

It felt as if I had been there forever so I began to move my legs to find a comfortable position in which I could wait and gain energy. The more I thought about the large wall, the more my heart glimmered with hope. There was no time for negative thoughts because, once I found a reason to hope, I was filled with the motivation needed to keep moving. At this point, I preferred this wretched place more than where I was before. Quite honestly, I'd rather die near a mysterious wall than suffer over any abusive heathen. Every minute, this idea sounded more and more appealing. You may call me crazy, but this did seem better than what I had. Going from nothing to just slightly more sounds like it'd be a great book name. Oh, how my mind loves to grow distracted! My thoughts voiced themselves and I laughed at the sound of my speaking. I tilted off of the backing I leaned against in a fit of coughing. Out loud, over and over, I spoke, "I'm going to die here." Yes... This had to be it. I had taken a deep dive into the madness of my head and was lost in it. My chest felt like it was about to cave in on me. I grew dizzy and without breath from the spazzed laughter and then, after a moment, my mind returned to its calmer state. As I laid there, I heard footsteps approach. Unable to turn my head, or move my body, due to the lack of energy, I just set my sights on the sky above. My mind was relaxed and focused on the footsteps that were heading my way, but then the sound ended and I heard the voice of a female. 

"Well look at you, Mr. Cutie, you're finally awake," the voice said to me. Standing above me, the person was nearly face to face with me. They looked upside down because of the angle in which my vision was but it was clear to me that I was, indeed, looking at a person. As for how she looked, bizarre was the word that held the most truth. She had a red suit on, with a black tie attached to her undershirt, and her hair was this snow white color followed by red tips at the end. Her eyes were the color of crimson blood tainted by yellow; a glowing fire. She spoke once more, "I caught a handsome one this time. Super handsome, in fact." She proceeded to pick me up with one hand only and looked me in the eyes. I could not believe the sight I was beholding. She had picked me up with the use of only one arm. Who was this woman? She pulled me closer, whispering, "I like you. You're quite the attractive one." She kissed my lips and I melted into the embrace as if I was dreaming. She was not normal, but I think I liked it so I decided to give myself to the moment. Wind rushed passed my form and I smashed into the stone wall behind me. A groan escaped my lips as she gripped my shirt and insulted me by calling me utterly weak.

"How dare you come to this place when you can’t even hold your own fucking body up. You’re absolutely pathetic," she said to me, anger flavoring her tone, then she swung her arm out to the side of her body and tossed me to the ground like a ragdoll. Just a moment ago I was being kissed sweetly, and now she was being positively psychotic. Her foot kicked me in the side hard enough to make my frail body roll completely, then she leaned over me and took my shoulder to make me face her. She sat down upon my legs and looked over me with this strange look of curiosity. This purring sound escaped her form and she drew to closer my face as she clawed into my chest. I had no idea what to do, so I had laid there and watched her with curiosity sparking in my own eyes. Softly she spoke, "you are my toy," then she crushed her right fist into my face so hard that I had seen a bright flash of light.  She stood up and began to walk away, speaking loudly, "You're but a broken toy that can’t even move his own body. You're this doll composed of no emotion, and I just despise dolls." She had crossed her arms on her chest then leaned back against the wall. I was unsure of how to react, but if there was ever a better time to do so, it would be at this moment. I could not let her escape my grasp.

"Help me," I pleaded, reaching my hand towards her. She raised her arms with a smile and yelled, "It speaks." She walked over to me then leaned my weakened figure against the wall and stared at me with a blank look, her arms drawn behind her back. I looked back at her and with heavy breath, asked, "who are you?" After straightening back out, she took two steps backwards, put her arms in the air and spinned elegantly, stating, "I am Kingato, the gate keeper." In my head, I asked myself, "the gates to what?" She went on to explain shortly after, telling me, "this is my wall and I am the care taker, and chosen one of its beauty, by order by the king." I looked at her, my gaze full of wonder as my thoughts now questioned the idea of a king. So there were more people behind the gate. I spoke out to her and said, "I wish to go to the other side of the wall. I want to go passed your gates." She returned my gaze, looking into my eyes, then smiled and shook her head. She sat beside me, turned to face me, then stared at me, saying, “you have no idea what’s on the other side of this wall of mine, do you?" I responded with a grin, trying to be a smartass, and mumbled, "People." She laughed softly then hit me gently while standing. Her voice, now colored with excitement, rang down to me as she began moving away, "Once you're able to move once more, head in the direction I now take and find my home. I'll be but a knock away." She began fading in the distance, humming a melody to herself as she walked. I was left to sit against the stone wall by myself, where I would relax and gain my strength back once more. After the pain faded away slightly, I closed my eyes and fell into a deep state of sleep. 

It had been hours later when I awoke and I had felt more alive than I had been before. I looked up to the sky, but the sun had not come and the darkness above was still embraced by storm clouds. I pushed off of the dirt covered ground with both hands and moved my legs out from under me. My back ached painfully due to the night before, and I sighed. Out loud to myself, I said, "so this is where I must continue on." I managed to get myself up and I headed the same direction Kingato did before. I used the wall as a support as I walked and my eyes watched the forest from the night before. I couldn't help but to continue believing that this could possibly just be a dream. The wind blew through the trees and I inhaled the sweet scent of fresh air. I wasn't used to air that held such a fresh scent. It was wonderful. I had been happy to know that I was alive, and had not died after last night's events, which were still lingering in my mind. 

A question popped into my thoughts as I walked along the wall. Had I been kidnapped? I didn't remember ever hearing about a huge wall or a crazy, white haired woman being its owner. It was also quite odd that I had relived all of those horrid memories with absolutely no control over them or the pain that accompanied them. First, it was intense pain and memories that I wished to abandon, and then it was a strange and powerful woman giving me a beating, and not in the good way. The place around me was starting to feel more and more like magic. Before I knew it, I was approaching a small building that was sat in front of these gates that seemed the height of seven or eight stories. Well, at least I knew the woman from before, Kingato, was not lying when she had informed me to head this way. I stopped moving and began to admire the gate for its massive size and craftsmanship. It was as if it was a missing wonder of the world! I could not help but wish to gaze over its lasting beauty and fill its presence with appreciation. I took a step back, attempting to gain a better view, and tripped on some unknown object, only to land in the arms of the suited woman.

"Hellooooo," she said, directly in my face as soon as I was in her arms, to which I responded with, “Oh crap!" She then tossed me ahead of her and I landed on my feet in front of the gate before us. She waited as I balanced myself, then began with, "so you decided to come, have you?" She paused in her sentence, then continued, "good, now if you'll come inside, we have a lot to cover before you may go." I looked at her and asked if I had the choice or not. She blatantly replied with, "You can either do as I say or wander back into the Valley to die. That’s a path up to your liking.” She walked inside the building and, after a glance back at the gate, I then proceeded to walk into the house after her. The door was closed behind me and I was told to have a seat so that she could answer any questions that I had. The inside of her home was very small and looked as if there had not been a visitor in quite some time. There was one bed, and a table with four seats, three of which looked like they had not been used in years. She had a collection of books, which had spines that were broken as if they had been opened and used repeatedly. The rest of her belongings looked to be items used only for survival purposes. I had been so interested in inspecting what she had, that I had not seen she was busy setting up for me. I heard a loud bang then I turned to see that she had slammed a chair in the middle of the floor, and told me, "sit." I walked up to the chair then dusted off the seat and sat down as she commanded. She pulled up her own chair and turned it so she could sit in it backwards while looking at me in silence. Not sure of what to say, I let the quiet room take over. 

"Do you even know where it is that you are?" She demanded, her voice breaking the silence. I shook my head no and she placed her forehead against the back part of the seat. Sighing, she glared at me and said with no hesitation, "you are going to be killed, you poor bastard of a soul.” I returned her gaze and responded with, "I can take care of myself, now that I’m back up on my feet." She just rolled her eyes and told me that I am "much too weak with my emotions to enter her gates." I asked her, "how so?" and she answered back with a question of her own. "How long were you walking on that forest path?" I told her it was "all night long" and that it felt like "hours upon hours." She said to me that "each mile I walked, I would have to relive a bad memory" and that "the experience would only grow worse over time." She was telling me the forest was trying to teach me something? I asked her "what I would learn from that," to which she replied, "the more pain you endure, the stronger you will be when it comes to emotion. When you can overcome your emotions, you will then reach my gate. You failed in the fact that you ran out of bad memories to unbury, so the Valley let you reach its end." I pursued my lips. "What do I do because of my failure?" was the next question I asked. She then told me this, "the Valley could not teach you so you will either be damned to suffer and die alone here, or pass through my gates and be killed by the hollow Suits on the other side.” Then I had asked the women “Is there any other way” and she replayed to me “well I have not had someone to keep me company in so long. I could try something if you would not mind.” I looked at her and said “What is it you would do?” She then said “If you ran out of memory I will give you some.” I was unsure what this meant so I said in a questionable tone of voice “Give me memory?” The woman’s had sparked like a mad scientist and she jumped out of her seat then began to walk around the room explaining how it would go. “Yes! I could just simply gather the memory of our past guest from the Valley and insert it into your mind.” In my head of course I said it. Yup…This chick is fucking insane. How in the world could you gather something in someone else’s mind and place it into another living being. It just was not right one bit. So I had to call her out on this and just agree. “Ok let’s do it.” I said and she gave a smile then proceeded to walk outside into the Valley.

I had followed the women outside as she stated walking to the forest. She stopped and looked at me “I need some space.” So I stepped back and watched her get on her knees and spread her arms out wide as she looked up at the sky. The forest trees started to all bend towards her and then a flash of light sparked along with a pressure so great it tossed me into the wall of her home. At that moment of the light flashing she looked like someone else but it’s hard to remember after hitting my head off of the wall.  Before I knew it she was up and in front of me holding her hand out. I grabbed her by the wrist and then she pulled me up. We began to walk into her home where soon my new life would fall into place.

Collapsing - Part 3

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Collapsing - Part 4

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Collapsing - Part 5
-The Red Angel-

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Collapsing - Part 6

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